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When a loved one becomes sick and it becomes clear that outside help is needed, what comes to your mind on what to do? The first thought that comes to most people’s minds is a nursing home or other outside care facilities. This has been proven in most cases to be the wrong route to take, not only long-term for the loved one but also financially long-term. Over 4.5 million people throughout the U.S end up requiring long-term or end of life care. So why not give them the best and most comfortable care possible? Allowing your loved ones to continue to live at a place that is familiar and inviting to them has proven to not only benefit their health but also their mental state. Nobody likes being in a hospital for a long period of time. 

-Benefits of Healing at Home-


Home care is significantly more affordable then hospital care. Research has shown that home care on average cost 52 percent less than hospital care. With home care you aren’t having to worry about the extra fees of room and board, as you would with hospitals, nursing homes, and other rehabilitation centers. Home Health Care is almost always the most cost-effective plan. Seniors often save up to 70 percent when being cared for at home, rather than the hospital. 

Having a Schedule that Works for You

Nursing homes have very strict schedules and certain times family and friends can come visit. A plus to home care is that the schedule is completely up to you and your loved one! Why pay more for care when you can’t come visit whenever you want? Our caregivers or nurses here at Gracepoint Homecare work side by side with you in order to make the perfect day to day schedule.  Whether you need a few hours to yourself each day or are needing a 24/7 Home Care option, we have everything you could need!    

Comfort of Your Own Home

In being at the comfort of your own home and not at a hospital comes many perks. When it comes to hospitals you will have nurses and doctors coming in all hours of the day and night. You would have machines beeping and going off all night disturbing the sleep of your loved one. 

In-home care allows your loved one to have a familiar setting and enjoy the comfort of their own home. In some cases, this helps for a faster, more personal recovery. 

Reduced Risks of Infection

This has especially become very important due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak. With the constant foot traffic of doctors and nurses coming to your loved one after seeing many other patients before, makes the risk of infection so much higher than home care. Hospitals see an incredible number of patients each day and all varying in different illnesses and injuries making the likelihood of infection for others considerably higher. 

Growing a Personal Relationship with Your Caregivers

When in a hospital the amount of personal recurring interactions is very limited. The nurses and doctors are so busy and have so many other patients that your loved one might not be priority number one for them. A benefit of home care is that the caregiver gets to see the same person time and time again building comfort and trust. The caregivers here at Gracepoint Homecare make your loved one priority number one and want to build a relationship and make it the most comfortable for them