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Keeping your house clean while going about your daily life is hard for most of us. So imagine how hard it is for elderly and disabled people. Elderly and disabled people already have so much to worry about, so sometimes cleaning gets put on the backburner. At times seniors aren’t able to walk or struggle to do normal daily things on their own. In some extreme cases hiring an extra hand to help clean might be a good idea. Below are going to be some great tips and tricks to help your loved one get clean and stay clean! 

Tip and tricks to help

  1. Get family and friends to help

Getting the ball rolling on this project can be daunting for all parties involved. Not only for the family and friends but this can be a scary thing for the loved one as well. At times, they even could be embarrassed by the size of the mess and letting it get as bad as it is. So, approach with caution and keep this in mind while helping start this process. It is important to get familiar faces to help during this process, get family and friends to come help ease the possible tension and make it a more enjoyable experience. Family and friends know this person the best and  therefore can help in knowing where things belong and what should just be thrown away. 

2. Seasonal deep cleaning 

As the seasons change it is a good idea to do annual house deep cleaning sections. Make it a fun thing, and invite over willing family and friends to help. Doing a whole house deep clean is a great way to start the new season! Get rid of last season’s dust, clutter, germs and all the other mess that comes with it! You and your loved one will feel so much better after, and can relax the rest of the season.

3. Hire someone to come every so often 

This is a great alternative if you and your family have busy lives. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone to come help either weekly or monthly with household chores. Gracepoint Home Care staff love coming to help organize and keep your loved one’s house clean! You can make the perfect schedule that fits not only your loved one best, but you as well. Once you get your loved one on a cleaning routine it will be easy to maintain and keep their space clean and organized. 

4. Check up on your loved one

Make sure to call and visit your loved one and make sure they are sticking with the cleaning plan and keeping the mess under control. Doing this periodically will keep them accountable and in some ways wanting to make you proud by keeping it clean! Having a clean and organized house makes for a better environment for all. It will help with stress and anxiety and just all-around heath of your loved one! 


All of these tips and tricks will help your loved one in more ways than one. Clutter can quickly pile up and soon become extremely overwhelming to an elderly or disabled person. This can later cause and make them feel mentally and physically drained, especially if they think about how and when they will conquer the mess on their own. They will need help! In some cases, they are too embarrassed to ask for help due to the mess getting out of hand. In this case, you need to make sure they are comfortable and know you are not judging them and only want to help. Remember for many it is scary to go through and throw things out. Some even feel vulnerable in a sense by showing their mess, so keep that in mind while helping! They will be so much happier and health by the end of it.